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I Believe In You (Hallelujah) Chords and Lyrics – JPCC Worship

All I want is to know You more
And my hope is in You alone
Jesus I will lift Your name, for the rest of my life
So I lift my voice to worship You

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With You Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Elevation Worship

Beneath the surface
Of my anxious imagination
Beckons a calmness
That is found in you alone
It washes over every doubt
Every imperfection
Jesus your presence
Is the comfort of my soul

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Love Is True Chords and Lyrics – JPCC Worship Youth

You brought me home
I was lost now I’m found here safe and sound
I’m not my own
Realized in Your eyes I’m not alone

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Jesus I’m In Love With You Chords and Lyrics – GMS Worship

Jesus, I’m in love with You
I’m in Love with you, forever I’ll be Yours
You are everything to me
And all I ever need is You

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Lirik & Chord Lagu Cahaya – JPCC Worship Youth

Dalam kegelapan aku melangkah
Tak dapat melihat cahaya-Nya
Namun kasih-Mu yang
Celikkan mataku, mataku

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Heartbeat Chords and Lyrics – JPCC Worship Youth

Been dancing to, another beat for so long
And tripped my feet
Once, twice, so many times
Been singing to, another tune forgetting
That Your song is what lights me up

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Lirik & Chord Lagu Setiap Langkahku – JPCC Worship Youth

Di setiap langkahku
Tangan-Mu menuntun jalanku
Kar’na Kau pelita hidupku
Yang s’lalu bersinar dalamku

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Lirik & Chord Lagu KebesaranMu – JPCC Worship Youth

Ajarku berserah, kuasai mataku
Bahwa Kau besar, menggenggam hidupku

Walau ku berjalan di lembah yang kelam
Tenang jiwaku s’bab Kau besertaku

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