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Even When You’re Running Chords and Lyrics – Casting Crowns

Do you feel Him in your heartbeat
Even when you’re running
You try to drown Him out with your life
But you still hear Him calling
With a voice you’ve never heard
But it sounds like home, home
You try to shut it out
But you feel it in your bones
And it won’t leave you alone

His love is inescapable
His presence is unshakable
Right now you don’t believe it’s true
A better day is coming
And you don’t need another place to hide
He’ll find you in your darkest night
His love is holding on to you
Even when you’re running
Even when you’re running

As a kid you said your prayers
Now they’re bouncing off the ceiling
They took your world away
When you trusted Him for healing
He’s no stranger to your heartbreak
He knows how it feels to lose
From the garden to the cross
He’s been chasing after you
He’s chasing after you

Your fear isn’t dark enough
Your pit isn’t deep enough
Your lie isn’t loud enough
To keep Him away from you

The Father made the way for you
The Son killed the grave for you
Let His Spirit come alive in you
Are you tired of the running
(repeat 2x)

It’s time to stop running now
You don’t have to have it figured out
All you need to do is turn around
And the Father will come running

Words & Music : Mark Hall, Seth Mosley

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